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Mike O

Who we are

Hey Everyone!! Born in Tucson Az my family and I have been going wheeling since I could remember. My Mom and Dad used to take us out wheeling in our K5 Blazer all over Arizona. My Uncle taught me to drive in his 1950 willys Jeep. I think I was 8 or 9. From then on my love for being out in the dirt grew. I owned my first 4×4 when I moved to Wyoming in 92. Went from building a K5, to a full-size Chevy truck to several Toyotas and then settling with my true love the, Cherokee. Favorite wheeling, I love it all, well except mud. Make sure to give me a follow on instagram


  • Currie 44 front arb 4:88 gears
  • Core 44 Rear ARB 4:88 gears
  • Stak 3 speed T case
  • Clayton 4 link front and rear
  • TNT Customs sliders, rock runner
    bumper, 4 bolt steering conversion
    with YJ steering box, interior cage
  • Champion bead locks with 35” treapadors bias tires

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