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Jeep XJ Front Bumper Rock Runner Bare 84-01 Jeep Cherokke XJ TNT Customs. If you’re looking for a heavy duty, yet light weight winch bumper that securely mounts to your Jeep Cherokee XJ’s unibody then you’ve come to the right place. Not many can say heavy duty and light weight in the same sentence but we can. We’ve combined some creative thinking with quality materials. No need to lift with your knees; our bumpers are light yet durable.

We were able to cut the weight by using high quality material.
Outer Uni-Body Braces Included!
To mount your new TNT Rock-Runner winch bumper, you get a pair of outer-unibody-braces. These braces double the number of mounting points from your bumper to your unibody – to include the 3 steering box mounting bolts on the driver’s side. Also included are through uni-body crush sleeves and all of the hardware needed to complete the installation – standard with your TNT Rock-Runner Winch Bumper purchase.
Steel Inner Steering Box Spacer (optional)
You could reuse the factory cast aluminum steering box spacer but, to prevent failure, you may want to replace it with a bullet-proof steel one for a small additional cost. Adding this brace can prevent that fateful unibody cracking/breakage that happens far too often as the factory cast aluminum one fails.
4 Bolt Saginaw Steering Box Upgrade (optional)
Jeep XJ and MJ come with a 2.4:1 variable ratio steering box. Though nice on the street, this can make steering difficult when offroad. Replacing your stock steering box with a 3.2:1 fixed ratio 4 bolt steering box (from a YJ) will increase your control offroad and improve steering those oversized tires on the street. Aside from the steering performance improvement, you’ll benefit from adding a forth mounting bolt between your steering box and uni-body. We have personally broken the stock 3-bolt variable ratio steering box and where left stranded. Don’t let this be you, upgrade your steering when you order your bumper.
Note: You can retain your 3 bolt box until a 4 bolt box is acquired.
Product Includes:

  • Rock-Runner front bumper (ships bare metal)
  • (2) Bumper Mounts
  • Hardware
  • Install manual

Additional information

Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions 70 × 24 × 16 in