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Jeep XJ/MJ Inner Steering Box Brace

Jeep XJ or MJ Inner Steering Box Brace




Each Jeep Cherokee XJ and Comanche MJ is supplied with an inner steering box mount/spacer made from cast aluminum from the factory. Though it suits its purpose, it’s not designed to handle the rigors that it will see offroad. What is really needed is a spacer that spreads the load over a larger surface area. This spacer shouldn’t be made out of a malleable material such as aluminum, and it should have more mounting points than just the three holding the steering box.

TNT’s inner steering box brace is CNC cut out of 3/16 inch steel and designed to be captured in more mounting locations than the three used in the stock unit.  We use .250 wall DOM (structural tubing) to give the correct spacing from the unibody. The thickness of this tubing prevents it from crushing or moving when extreme loads are put on the steering box, creating a rigid mounting surface that will last the life of your vehicle.


  • For additional strength, use the kit with our optional outer plate, which is constructed of 3/16 inch steel plate and includes all new steering box mounting hardware.  SKU# XSR

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 4 in

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