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Jeep Wrangler TJ Rock Tek Long Arm Upgrade




TNT’s Rock-Tek long arm high performance suspension solution upgrade for the Jeep Wrangler TJ provides maximum performance and value.  Do you have a rough riding, ill-handling short arm lift OR a poorly designed long arm kit?  Do you want more from your Jeep and its suspension?  TNT’s Rock-Tek long arm upgrade provides maximum articulation and unmatched wheel travel for the ultimate in off road traction; all while maintaining predictable, safe and secure on-road handling.

TJ owners have high expectations for their rock-crawler.  Street manners usually take a back seat to trail performance. At TNT we asked ourselves, Why?  Enter the Rock-Tek dual-triangulated rear suspension. Our design goal was simple:  build a suspension that dominates any terrain and drives better than stock on the pavement.


  • Y-link high clearance front arms
  • Dual triangulated rear 4-link offers superior geometry
  • Includes five piece modular belly pan system
  • Belly skid is constructed of 3/16 inch steel plate
  • Control arms tuck up into the belly pan for added clearance
  • Includes full length rear axle truss
  • Provides hard core offroad performance
  • Ships powder coated
  • Made in the USA
  • Wheel Base Stretch Options available. 

No matter what terrain you choose, TNT’s Rock-Tek long arm suspension for your Jeep Wrangler TJ has superior geometry and components.  The competition doesn’t want to see this system on your Jeep LJ!  It is simply the best suspension design on the market.  Overbuilt parts, removable belly pan skid plate, dual triangulated rear suspension and our original Y-Link; front control arms give you the suspension to tackle the toughest terrain. Finally, a suspension designed for your Jeep for the way it should be driven anywhere you want to!

Dual Triangulated TRI-4 Four Link
The Rock-Tek suspension is specifically designed for tackling the most difficult terrain. The TRI-4 rear suspension is designed to cycle vertically throughout articulation to eliminate rear-steer commonly found in lesser suspensions.

Aggressive geometry coupled with a flat roll center will make your Jeep stick to even the steepest climbs or radical off -camber situations. Lower arms are manufactured from 2 inch x 0.375 inch 1026 DOM tubing, to handle anything they may come in contact with, and upper arms from 1.50 inch X .250 inch 1026 DOM. All control arms have 2.50 inch of adjustable length and feature Summit Machine rebuildable flex joints and bushings.

Due to the control arm placement and triangulation, exhaust modifications are required.

TNT’s long arm suspensions come with our proven Y-link high clearance radius arms.  Their original and unique design offers the following benefits:

  • Clearance over obstacles
  • No loss of turning radius
  • Allows for deeper off-set wheels
  • Driver’s side Y-link arm provides driveshaft protection on High Pinion axles.
  • Fully adjustable components allow for pinion angle and wheel base configuration
  • 5pc High Clearance Modular Belly Pan System
  • TNT Rock-Tek long arm suspensions come with our innovative 5 piece modular belly pan system. The belly pan system is the new mounting point for all control arms for the long arm suspension. This unique design offers the following benefits:
  • Removable skid plate without supporting the transmission
  • Independent transmission crossmember
  • Stand alone rear suspension crossmember
  • Transmission and Transfer case service without removing the suspension

Our high clearance pan gains 1-3/4 inch over stock on 97-02 models and nearly 3 inch on 03-06 model years. TNT Rock-Tek long arm suspensions come with a weld-on, rear axle truss assembly that fits your rear axle.  Our axle truss assembly includes our Tri-4 mount, coil mounts as well as new lower control arm mounts and shock mounts. The competition claims they have a truss for their triangulated rear suspensions; however, it really is just a bolt on bracket attached to failure-prone stock bracketry.  Don’t be fooled, pick a suspension design that actually has a truss that welds on!  Yes it adds some work to the installation, but the resulting peace of mind that comes from the extra work is worth the effort.  An added bonus of a weld-on truss assembly is an axle housing that is fortified against bending that can be caused by extreme terrain, coupled with over sized tires.

TNT’s Rock-Tek long arm suspension upgrade is designed for those wanting to upgrade to a high quality long arm suspension without limitations.  This upgrade will provide a noticeable improvement in on-road handling, returning your Jeep to better than stock.  On the rocks, you can expect a significant improvement in the ability of your Jeep, even in the most extreme situations. If you want more rear wheelbase, we offer stretch option as well.

High clearance belly pan requires a minimum 1-1/4 inch body lift and a motor lift.

Additional information

Weight 114 lbs
Dimensions 67 × 24 × 17 in