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Steering Knuckle – Heavy Duty

Overlooked Upgrade


When it comes to off-roading in your lifted Jeep with larger tires, the steering knuckle is a critical component that often gets overlooked. Upgrading to a heavy-duty one, such as the Reid Racing Steering Knuckle, can significantly improve your off-road performance and safety.

What is a Steering Knuckle?

The steering knuckle, a crucial part of the front axle in your Jeep. It connects to the axle housing with ball joints, allowing the wheel hub and bearing to turn left and right while maintaining proper alignment and suspension geometry. This enables you to steer your vehicle with ease. If the knuckle is damaged, cracked, or severely rusted, you need to replace it to ensure your Jeep remains safe and reliable.

Any amount of serious off-roading will wallow out the ball joint and tie rod tapers. This leaves the steering dangerously loose and sloppy. Some factory Jeep knuckles are made out of Aluminum. Replacing them when you upgrade your Jeep with bigger tires and a lift is highly recommended.

Why Heavy-Duty Steering Knuckles Are Important for Off-Roading

Increased Strength and Durability

Off-roading puts a lot of stress on your vehicle’s suspension and steering components. A heavy-duty steering knuckle, like Reid Racing’s, is made from high-strength materials. These materials can withstand the rigors of off-road use. This increased strength and durability ensures that your steering system remains intact and functional, even in the most demanding off-road conditions.

Better Steering Responsiveness

A heavy-duty knuckle can also improve your steering responsiveness. This can make it easier to navigate tight trails and obstacles. This increased responsiveness can help you avoid potential hazards and make your off-roading experience more enjoyable.


Don’t overlook this important part – invest in a heavy-duty steering knuckle. This will ensure you get the most out of your off-roading adventures.

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