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Protect Your Vehicle from the Elements

The Vital Importance of Shielding Your Vehicle

It’s important to protect your vehicle against nature’s wrath to maintain a long life. The elements — sun, rain, snow, and even wind — wage a relentless assault on your car’s exterior and interior alike. This threat can diminish its value, appeal, and longevity. Being proactive in your vehicle’s protection is key.



Tips to Protect Your Vehicle

Snow and Ice: The Hidden Harms

In colder climates, snow and ice present a twofold hazard: physical damage from accumulation and chemical damage from road salts. These salts, while effective at melting ice on roadways, are notorious for promoting rust and corrosion. To combat this, it’s crucial to wash your vehicle frequently in winter, paying special attention to the undercarriage. At TNT Customs we can help protect your vehicle with undercoating and rust proofing from ValuGard. Applying these to your vehicle provide an additional layer of defense against these corrosive agents.

TNT Customs Protective Coatings


Sun: The Silent Paint Deteriorator

The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays will fade and crack your vehicle’s paint. This damage gradually undermines the aesthetic charm and the resale value of your car. You can counter this threat by regularly applying a quality UV protectant on the exterior surfaces. Another tip is to park in shaded areas or under carports. This can drastically reduce exposure, serving as a simple yet effective defensive strategy.

Rain: The Corrosion Catalyst

Water may seem harmless, but when mixed with dirt, pollutants, and the metal of your car, it becomes a potent catalyst for rust. Rainwater, especially in areas with heavy pollution or salt in the air, can accelerate the corrosion of your vehicle’s bodywork. The solution?  Give your vehicle a wash and wax treatment regularly. A protective layer of wax not only enhances the car’s shine but also repels water, thereby minimizing the risk of rust.

Wind: The Carrier of Contaminants

Often overlooked, the wind carries more than just leaves and dust; it’s a vehicle for abrasive particles that can scratch and damage your paint. Regularly cleaning your car and applying a protective coat can shield it against these airborne adversaries. For those living in particularly windy areas, consider using a car cover when parked to prevent direct contact with these damaging particles.

The Proactive Approach to Protection

Beyond these specific threats, a holistic approach to vehicle protection involves regular maintenance checks, immediate attention to minor damages before they escalate, and an understanding of your local environment’s specific challenges. Investing in quality protective products, such as high-grade waxes, sealants, and car covers, pays dividends in preserving your vehicle’s integrity and value.



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