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Jeep Comanche MJ Long Arm Upgrade Rock Tek 231 T Case Except Peugeot manual transmission 87-92 Jeep Comanche TNT Customs. Unmatched Protection, Ground Clearance and Performance. TNT Customs Rock-Tek Y-LinkTM long arm suspension upgrade for Jeep Comanche MJ provides maximum performance and value. Do you have a rough riding il-handling short arm lift? Drop brackets that get hung up on obsticles? Our Rock-Tek long arm upgrade provides articulation and wheel travel for increased off road traction; all while maintaining predictable, safe and secure on-road handling all with full drivetrain protection from our full belly pan.

  • MLAU231 MJ Rock-Tek Long Arm Upgrade 87-92, 231 T-case except Peugot manual trans

No matter what terrain you choose, TNT has the superior long arm upgrade designed for your Jeep Comanche MJ and the way it should be driven – with confidence!
Y-LinkTM High-Clearance Radius Arm
TNT Rock-Tek long arm suspensions come with the original High Clearance Y-Link Radius Arms. Their original and unique design offers the following benefits:

  • Clearance over obstacles
  • No loss of turning radius
  • Allows for deeper off-set wheels
  • Drivers side lower arm provides driveshaft protection
  • Compatible with lift heights ranging from 3.5 inch to 8 inch
  • Fully adjustable components allow for pinion angle and wheel base configuration
  • Best Ground Clearance with integrated Transfer Case skid
  • Two-piece belly pan offers over an inch of ground clearance gain. The belly pan is the new mounting point for the lower control arms. This unique design offers the following benefits:
  • Removable transfer case protection
  • Through frame crush sleeve mounting
  • No weld install
  • High clearance control arm mounts
  • Utilizes 12 mounting points

TNTs Y-Link  Long Arm Suspension Upgrade is designed for those wanting to upgrade their existing suspension to the a high quality long arm suspension. This upgrade will provide a noticeable improvement in on road handling, returning your Jeep to better than stock. On the trail you can expect a significant improvement in the ability of your Jeep, even on the most demanding trails.
Note: extended length brake lines and shocks should be used, as well as steering linkage and front trackbar capable of extended wheel travel.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 8 × 8 in

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